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Snow Monster – a Taiwanese inspiration

Snow Monster – a Taiwanese inspiration

Snow Monster’s idea started when our founders Sébastien and Kai-Yi travelled to Taiwan a few years ago.

Blown away by the richness and lightness of Taiwanese ice cream, they starting making plans to one day launch a Taiwanese-style ice cream in Barcelona where they resided.
A few years later, in October 2022, they decided to go ahead, and Kai-Yi went back home to Taiwan to train with one of the best ice cream makers in the country.

6 months later, on 1st May 2023, they opened their first store in the heart of Barcelona.

Snow Monster Front Shop

The story behind Taiwanese Ice cream

Taiwanese ice cream, also known as “Taiwanese-style ice cream” or “Taiwanese shaved ice,” has a unique and delicious history. It differs from traditional Western ice cream in that it is typically made from finely shaved ice and topped with a variety of sweet and savory toppings. Here’s a brief overview of how Taiwanese ice cream started:

Japanese Influence: The roots of Taiwanese ice cream can be traced back to the Japanese occupation of Taiwan, which lasted from 1895 to 1945. During this time, Japan introduced various culinary influences to Taiwan, including the concept of shaved ice desserts.

Kakigori: In Japan, there is a popular dessert known as “kakigori,” which is made by shaving ice into a fine, fluffy texture and then drizzling it with flavored syrups or other toppings. Kakigori was likely introduced to Taiwan during the Japanese occupation, and it served as a foundation for the development of Taiwanese-style ice cream.

Local Innovation: Taiwanese entrepreneurs and food vendors began to put their own spin on the Japanese shaved ice concept. They developed their unique flavor combinations and started to incorporate local ingredients, such as tropical fruits and traditional Chinese sweets.

Expansion and Popularity: Over time, Taiwanese-style ice cream gained popularity, not only in Taiwan but also in other parts of Asia. It became known for its diverse toppings, which could include items like sweetened red beans, taro balls, grass jelly, boba pearls, fresh fruit, and more.

Global Influence: Taiwanese-style ice cream eventually made its way to other countries, particularly in areas with a significant Taiwanese expatriate population or those with a growing interest in Asian desserts. This contributed to its global recognition and popularity.

One of the most famous variations of Taiwanese ice cream is “shaved snow” or “snow ice,” which is made by freezing milk or fruit juice into a block, and then shaving it into thin, delicate ribbons that resemble fluffy snow. It is typically served with a wide array of toppings and flavored syrups.

Today, Taiwanese-style ice cream can be found in dessert shops and eateries around the world, offering a delightful and refreshing treat, especially in hot and humid climates. Its evolution and ongoing popularity demonstrate the fusion of cultural influences and culinary creativity.

The snow monster touch

While we love traditional Taiwanese Ice Cream, we innovate with amazing product quality, the addition of bobas and our MONSTRUOUS presentation.

Come try our Stupidly Fluffy Ice Cream today! (Or tomorrow, that’s fine too).

Strawberry Stupidly Fluffy Ice Cream
Strawberry Stupidly Fluffy Ice Cream

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